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Posted on 1/27/2010 by The Bridge

The Bridge Horticultural Team with John from HSNY

Yesterday, The Bridge Horticulture Team along with John Cannizzo from The Horticultural Society of New York (our horticulture program partner) participated in NYCNEN's seminar, 'Urban Food Production" held at the Children's Health Fund. The goal of the seminar was "to provide an overview of the current urban farming landscape in New York City with an emphasis on community based programs" (NYCNEN).

Our team found themselves in great company as the seminar drew 40-50 participants from diverse backgrounds including graduate students from
Columbia University, Bailey House, NYS Department of Health, Food Bank of NYC, Iris House, United Way of NYC, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Just Food and many more!

After introductions, a speakers panel presented resources and ideas on urban agriculture in the community. Here is the list of panelists.

John and Stacey lead the group in a discussion on composting techniques.

Stacey stole the spotlight at the seminar with his hands-on composting presentation. Stacey discussed how he applied the fundamentals of composting that he learned in The New York Botanical Garden Master Compost Certificate Program to the worm bin for The Bridge Urban Farms. Some of the participants even donated their food scraps to the bin.

The worm bin.

Taking donations for the worm bin.

It was a very productive morning as our team was able to network and compare gardening notes with other agencies and individuals. With all the new ideas and friendships made during the seminar, our horticulture team can't wait for next season to begin.

Here are some upcoming events in the community garden and urban farm communities that were announced at the seminar:

February 6: What's On Your Plate will air on the Discovery Channel at 10pm. "The documentary follows two 11-year-old city kids in exploring their place in the food chain and understanding the food systems of New York City and the surrounding areas" (Discovery Channel)

February 6 & 7:
The New York City Community Gardens Coalition will be hosting a FREE conference to discuss the safety and security of community gardens when a legal agreement expires in September 2010

March 12: The Horticultural Society of New York is hosting a Horticultural Therapy conference -->Our horticulture team will be in attendance!

March 13: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is hosting it's 28th Annual "Making Brooklyn Bloom" festival

March 20: GreenThumb is hosting the 26th Annual "
GreenThumb Grow Together" at Hostos Community College in the Bronx

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