Picnic in the Park

Posted on 8/13/2010 by The Bridge

On Thursday, August 5, Bridge clients and staff were able to break out of our normal routine and go on a picnic in Riverside Park!

Feel free to scroll through the pictures from our picnic.

The day started around 11:00am with activities lead by our volunteers including softball, basketball, board games, soccer, football, card tournament and a walk in the park. There were over 100 clients and staff who participated throughout the day’s activities. Lunch couldn’t come soon enough after playing in the summer heat! Sydell Bryant, the Director of Food Services and our food services team made us a fantastic meal including fried chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, and macaroni salad. Everyone scattered across the park to find shade and enjoy their meal with friends, volunteers and coworkers.

After everyone ate and rested, the second half of the picnic was dedicated to a scavenger hunt created by our Executive Director, Dr. Peter Beitchman. There were six teams who had to complete 11 tasks ranging from collecting three different kinds of leaves found in the park and getting a copy of The Metro Newspaper to reciting The Pledge of Allegiance. The winners shocked us all by completing the tasks in 15 minutes! After the rest of the teams returned and recited The Pledge of Allegiance to Dr. Beitchman, we ate the much anticipated dessert – strawberry shortcake! While we enjoyed our delicious dessert, Dr. Beitchman awarded the winners of the scavenger hunt and card tournament with their prizes and thanked our volunteers.

The picnic was a success as it gave everyone at The Bridge a chance to be active, interact in a different environment and create new friendships. Sometimes a little fresh air is what the mind and body needs!

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