Services for Special Populations

Posted on 1/04/2011 by The Bridge

The Bridge offers many innovative services for special populations. Special populations are made up of people with specific needs for treatment. They are the most vulnerable in the community and have physical or mental impairments that interfere with performing everyday activities.

The services for special populations The Bridge offers are the following:

  • The homeless - We offer outreach, support services and housing. 
  • Those with psychiatric and substance abuse disorders - We offer a licensed medically supervised integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment problem, support groups with intensive relapse prevention, and housing. 
  • Persons with mental health diagnoses and HIV/AIDS - We offer intensive case management, treatment services and housing. 
  • People who have been in the criminal justice system - We offer specialized treatment and housing.  

It is our whole approach to treatment that enables clients to get the support they need, where many can lead more independent lives.

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