Sheridan Hill House for the Psychiatrically and Medically Frail

Posted on 2/03/2011 by The Bridge

Sheridan Hill House (SHH) for the psychiatrically and medically frail is another unique asset of The Bridge. We know of no other housing like it in the city or state. It is a specialized residence offering permanent housing for adults with both serious mental illness and serious physical conditions due to aging or health issues. This residence officially opened its doors on March 6, 2007 and offers a community care environment, staffed 24 hours per day.

The staff provides case management services, medication monitoring, referrals to community resources, nurse assistance and one nutritional meal a day. A Care Manager is responsible for the coordination of medical and psychiatric services for all of the residents. The Care Manager also serves as liaison between healthcare providers, evaluates residents, and provides referrals for needed services and specialists. Nutritional meals are coordinated with the chef based on residents’ dietary needs. Through medication monitoring and management, training for staff, groups for residents and benefit assistance, the treatment tenants receive is extremely comprehensive.

Sheridan Hill House is a HUD 811/Section 8 development. There are 24 residents living in studio apartments. There are 16 NY/NY (homeless) designated beds, 8 of which are for long-term shelter-stayers (LTSS), and 8 community beds for those coming from Bridge transitional housing programs. The facility costs only $27,800 per bed annually to run versus a typical Medicaid nursing home, which costs $123,400 per year according to the NY State Partnership for Long-Term Care. Tenants are required to pay 30% of their income towards rent. This type of cost-effective housing saves on emergency care costs for residents who otherwise would not receive similar round-the-clock care nor would they be able to remain in the community.

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