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Posted on 3/09/2011 by The Bridge

Kate Tanenbaum
With Winter almost at a close, the focus of poetry at The Bridge has turned to the hopefulness of Spring. Bridge client Kate Tanenbaum has written a poem expressing her feelings about the change in seasons. She has been at The Bridge for 4 years in supported housing and has achieved a great sense of stability and self confidence. Kate has written many poems and wanted to share this one with the Bridge community:

The Box Containing Seasons
By: Kate Tanenbaum

With Spring upon me I feel happy to have weathered a very difficult Winter
Winter inside the box is a safe place in which I like to hide.
Warm non-threatening a place of belonging.
Safety is something I am used to now. But I miss all the
Beauty that is outside the box.

With Spring upon me I am both inside and outside the box
Normalcy feels comfortable to me such as the wind whispering through
The trees.
What is the box containing?
Answer: Winder Spring Summer Fall
Home a place of belonging to myself.

Inner and outer experiences do coincide.

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