Profiles of Success: Ronnie Smith

Posted on 9/27/2011 by The Bridge

Ronnie Smith came to The Bridge in 1998. He is a PROS client and has been in Bridge housing for 7 years. Recently, The Bridge Vocational Services was able to place Ronnie in a security job at a major retail store where he has worked for over 2 months now, 5 days a week.

Ronnie has always wanted to work. He has had some of his best times at The Bridge working, meeting people and making friends. Ronnie noted, “vocational services has helped me identify my job skills, and my favorite part has been getting to know lots of people.”

Ronnie is a fully licensed security guard now and is looking forward to getting his license renewed and continuing the work he enjoys so much. The Bridge Vocational Services will continue to give him support and training as his career progresses.

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